Cerhovice lies between Prague and Pilsen at the highway D5. The highway junction is 1 km away form the Cerhovice square. Cerhovice is 14 753 ha large. It is divided into two parts – Cerhovice and Třenice  and it has about 1 000 inliditants. The first unit ten mat ice comes form 1275. Cerhovice Delong’s to „Cerhovicko“ region.

Gas, water network, telecommunication network, chemist, shopping center, doctor, children doctor, dentist, a hotel in the town center, basic school, football playing round, ice hockey skating ring, gym, water basin.

St. Martin’s church from the 15th century, chapel Třenice, tomb of the Rothlingshoffer family, protected spring, an already closed quarry near Třenice, where Waverlit can be found.

Cadastral Territory
Unidentified 4853956, arable land 3112650, fruit trees gardens 77355, mellows 582514, pasture ground 313565, woods 930550, pounds 46681, covered area 143607, other areas 599521, overall area 10833181 sqm
Unidentified 1805955, arable land 13568014, gardens 48975, fruit trees gardens 13605, mellows 387279, pasture ground 3691, woods 113107, pounds 25479, covered area 42608, other areas 111579, overall area 3920292 sqm

Total area 14753473 sqm
Kindergarten and basic school
The basic school was built in 1921 and since that time it has been reconstructed several times. It is being reconstructed at the moment and the reconstruction is the largest so far. The kindergarten has also been reconstructed several times. It has gotten a new roof and infrastructure.

The cemetery
The cemetery is divided into a new and old cemetery. The cemetery wall was reconstructed in 1999. The administrator of the cemetery is the Local council.